Reputation Marketing For Healthcare Organizations...


healthcare marketingYour hospital is at serious risk, as "the" caregiver in your community when anyone can quickly destroy your reputation with negative reviews online...


A Critical Question For All Healthcare Organizations:

How do you create fundraising excitement when your reputation is
tarnished by damaging and negative reviews posted online?

Fortunately, our proprietary Reputation Marking solution for hospitals gives you complete control over your
online marketing efforts - and potentially negative reviews that are impacting your revenue...

8 Key Points We Address Immediately And Manage As Part Of Our Commitment To Your Reputation: 

  • Generate additional revenue by marketing your reputation online. (New Patients, referrals, fundraising and more...)
  • Be one of the leading hospitals in the country by controlling your online reputation.
  • Protect your leading departments and Doctors' reputations with Reputation Marketing.
  • Create media opportunities by managing and enhancing your reputation
  • Create a 5 Star Reputation by managing your reputation with your staff's participation.
  • Improve the culture in the hospital with our extensive online training modules so that your staff is as much a part of the reputation process as your patients.
  • See how we generate CGC (customer generated content) that results in Social media referrals and higher search engine rankings.
  • Dramatically increase local patient awareness, web traffic and revenue through SEO and Five Star Reviews


Traditionally healthcare recommendations were exchanged in-person between friends and neighbors. Not much has changed in terms of word-of-mouth, except today, consumers can virtually share recommendations with hundreds, if not thousands, of online users in a matter of seconds with just the click of a mouse.

80% of all consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Online reviews are widely trusted by Internet users—and that level of trust is always increasing - This is particularly important to hospitals and physicians...

These rising numbers are no different in the healthcare world where a satisfied patient has always been a medical practice's best ambassador. Now patients can visit popular review sites, such as Yelp, Google, Angie's List among many others to research patients' opinions about a physician or hospital before making a choice.

"People trust the recommendations of others more than any other factor, especially when it concerns their health. Statistics prove that good referrals and reviews online are the determining factor in choosing a healthcare facility - More than 80% of all patients investigate and search for other's opinions online before they make a choice about a healthcare organization - And the choice they make is based upon what they read online. The reality is, even a few negative comments will be the deciding factor that influences whether a patient or family member, chooses your facility or goes elsewhere..."

So, what's a medical practice to do in order to prevent its reputation from being damaged online?

Medical practice reputationPay attention to what patients are saying…

At the very least, healthcare organizations should be actively monitoring what people are saying about their reputation online. Our complete Reputation Marketing solution gives you the power to do precisely that and you can rest easy knowing that we're monitoring and updating reviews, comments and opinions on your behalf, 24/7.

Because our proprietary solution not only identifies all reviews but we also provide a complete screening and posting solution to ensure that negative reviews are addressed internally and don't reach public review forums. Our solution is not only flawless but it also boosts your rankings in the search engines as well...

Online reviewsUse reviews to your advantage…

Online reviews greatly benefit healthcare organizations when the comments are positive - And our goal for you is a 5 Star Reputation because rather than trying to avoid reviews altogether, healthcare organizations and physicians should be proactive about their reputation marketing and online reviews. Fortunately, our full suite of products and solutions designed to facilitate and manage positive reviews was created specifically for the sensitivities of healthcare organizations - and can make the difference between growth and stagnation...

With that in mind, one of the most powerful solutions we've created for our clients is a private review portal. Our system provides a centralized Review Portal for your patients because...

Would you rather someone post a negative review on Yelp for the entire world to see or would you rather them put it in your own personal review area on your Review Portal where any negative reviews are handled internally and never see the light of day? The answer is obvious because...

Your Patients Become Your Best Marketing Advocates

We'll help you integrate a "patient experience" review process into the daily workings of your hospital. We'll provide custom postcards to distribute to patients with easy-to-follow instructions for rating your hospital online via your exclusive review portal – No more anarchy, no more wild west and no more out of control situations…

Understanding reputation marketingWe Manage Negative Reviews For You….

Prior to the development of our proprietary solution, even the best physicians and hospitals couldn't prevent negative reviews from occasionally appearing online but because we manage each step of the review process for you - the precarious "total exposure" that leads to savage bad reviews is over. And without this technology and our proven strategy in place to encourage and manage reviews, your online reputation is at risk with every patient interaction.

In the event of a negative review, our system notifies you via a private email so that you can address the problem to the patient's satisfaction and avoid more negative posts online.

Reputation marketing is all about taking full control of your reputation. We provide you with a private review page that collects all your reviews and we filter them for you before they're posted so that bad reviews are avoided - And 5 Star Reviews are fostered because our proprietary system posts only the best reviews so you can dominate your market online and really separate yourself from everyone else in your industry...

Start With Your Report And Be One of the Leading Hospitals in the Country by Controlling Your Reputation.

Simply request your free Reputation Report and we'll handle the rest. We'll show you exactly where your reputation is weak and how it can be strong. We'll work directly with you to build a 5 Star Reputation for your hospital and transform you into a clear leader in the healthcare field. It's that simple.

Complete the form and request your Reputation Report, right now and quickly see what people are saying about your organization and most importantly how you can gain control of your reputation and harness the power of Reputation Marketing for your hospital today. Click the See Report button below and start now...


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The Reputation Marketing Process
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    Encourage a Reputation Marketing philosophy within your organization with our guidance, insight and support. We manage customer reviews for you, ensure they're 5 Star always and in the best locations.

  • Rank Reap The Results

    See your customer referral rates go through the roof, based on real, high-ranked customer reviews, opinions and recommendations. Increase your bottom line and rise in the ranks of the search engines too.

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