More Customers From Existing Customer Referrals & Reviews

Common senseIt's common sense, right?  Nearly 80% of all buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

With the changing face of the internet, and the fact that online customer reviews are the Number One Factor in determining who does business with who..

Your online marketing is now more powerful than simple referral or "word of mouth" marketing. Because...

"Online reviews is how people find us," Dorausch says. About 80% of his new business stems from customers finding online reviews about him and booking appointments, he says.

Word of mouth recommendation has always been the mainstay of business but the game has changed because of the internet, and the kinds of things people are saying and reading about your business online...Is make or break for your business, it just is...because...

Three out of Four people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations – it's that simple.

Usa todayAs featured in USA Today - Businesses turn to online reviews to grow clientele. LA Chiropractor Dr. Mike Dorausch gets up to 80% of his new business from customers finding online reviews about him and then making appointments. His Google local profile has more than 78 reviews listed.

He is on the first page of Google results for "Los Angeles chiropractor."

Excellent customer serviceThis LA Chiropractor is dramatically building new business from online reviews - And...

All those reviews are also driving the relevance in his Search Engine Rankings...

Customer Reviews Are The New Key Component In Search Engine Optimization

From USA Today:

"For businesses attempting to reach consumers, the feedback spreads the word in a way ads can't. But perhaps more important, the reviews can dramatically raise a website's visibility in search engines.

Reviews and star ratings are often cited in search results. A Google search for "Los Angeles chiropractor," for instance, includes not only links to websites and descriptions, but also a 10-item list of local chiropractors with their addresses, reviews, star ratings and a local map at the top of the page."

The Secret To Business In Today's World Is Marketing Your Reputation Online With Positive Customer Referrals

Do you know what people are saying about your business? Are they saying anything? You need to know and that's precisely why we've created our proprietary report system, so you can see exactly what customers are saying – And most importantly how you can ensure your business has the 5 Star Reviews that determine who gets the customer and who goes out of business because of a bad reputation…

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