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TrustYes..Your reputation is vital to your business, you already know that – but did you know that the typical consumer will read at least Ten reviews online before they choose to do business with someone?

And nearly 80% of all consumers are doing exactly that, every day, online – So ask yourself, are there at least Ten reviews about your business available online? If you have at least Ten reviews, are those reviews all completely positive? Are they 5 Star Reviews?

Unless you have at least Ten reviews posted online, and at the right sites where people are actually finding and reading the reviews, and unless you have completely positive, 5 Star Reviews, you're not doing the kind of the business you should be…In fact, if you have negative reviews, it's killing your business and you may not even know it for sure…But it is…

And if you keep the equation very simple and just say you need at least Ten positive reviews and you need to make sure those reviews are truly 5 Star Rated reviews then you'll start to understand why you need Reputation Marketing because…

Even at these bare minimum statistical benchmarks, this is the difference between your phone ringing and your phone not ringing. It's the difference between business growth and business failure.

If you really want to dominate your market, it's all about Reputation Marketing – and the objective is very simple…

  • Position yourself a market leader.
  • Encourage and post 5 Star Reviews for your business
  • Ensure those 5 Star Reviews are posted correctly and located on the right sites.

If you're going to be in business in the 21st. Century, you need to have people talking about your business, they need to be saying the right things and they need to share these opinions and reviews in the right locations, where others will find them.

Understanding reputation marketingDo you know what people are saying about your business right now?

Our solution is comprised of unique proprietary software that tracks what people are saying about your business and where - In addition to powerful management methods and solutions to successfully market your business online...

We use that information to help build a 5 Star Reputation for you. Simply by using your phone number as a reference, we compile all the data that exists about your business online. We'll share that information with you when you Request Your Report and you'll see exactly what your reputation is online and best of all, you'll learn how to fix current problems - and build a 5 Star Reputation on new, positive reviews from satisfied customers...

Our system will grade your Reputation Score based on a simple scale of 1 to 4.

The worst ranking is called a "bad reputation' Obviously, that's not a good ranking and you'll want us to look after that quickly for you. Remember too, no reputation is just as bad as having a bad reputation at this point because based on the stats, your phone isn't ringing like it could – Remember, you need a bare minimum of Ten positive Five-Star reviews for it to even look credible online. And then there's a good reputation, and if you have a good reputation that simply means you have some good reviews and maybe some not so good reviews. But it's more good than bad.

But it's essential to know that if you see multiple good reviews and suddenly one bad review versus another company who has a 5 Star Reputation, who would you do business with?

Having a good review is not enough. A mixed combination of basically good reviews with a few bad reviews not going to get your phone ringing and it will never position you as a leader in your market or industry. Only a consistent, across the board, 5 Star Reputation will transform your business into a market leader.

This is where our solution comes into play again because…

  • We'll help you acquire 5 Star Reviews, in fact, we'll do that exactly - And keep the bad reviews away...
  • We'll manage your reputation. Every business is always just one incident away from a bad review, every day. It's essential to manage your reputation.
  • We'll create a reputation marketing culture with your business your organization. It's not enough just to try to fix things, but you need to be proactive inside your business to make sure that every single person in your company is on the same page. And they're all motivated to do one thing, do a great job for your customers, give them a first-class experience, and get a five-star review to keep that perfect five-star reputation going.

It's quite simple to see that when you have a plan like this put together, you can dominate your market online.

Don't Play Russian Roulette With Your Reputation

Protect your reputationOne of the most powerful solutions that we create for our clients is a private review page. Our system provides a centralized Review Portal for your customers because...

Do you want someone post a negative review on Yelp or would you prefer we monitor and pre-filter all reviews for you and keep damaging reviews off the internet? The answer is obvious.

That's just one of the problems we solve for you. We create a private review page for your business so that all your customer reviews are funneled into one area. And then when we receive positive reviews, we post them online...Only the 5 Star Reviews that enhance your reputation are posted...

And the reviews that aren't so good are sent to you directly by private email so you can address the customer complaint internally  and you'll maintain your Five-star reputation. Nothing but the best comments, reviews and opinions are ever posted...Negative reviews go directly to you, so you can deal with the problem directly...

Reputation marketing is all about taking full control of your reputation, so when you have a private review page that collects all your reviews and allows you to filter them, you're proactively working to avoid bad reviews – And then our proprietary system posts only the best reviews so you can dominate your market online and really separate yourself from everyone else in the industry.

Start With Your Report

Simply request your free Reputation Report and we'll handle the rest. We'll show you exactly where your reputation is weak and how it can be strong. We'll work directly with you to build a 5 Star Reputation for your business and transform you into a clear market leader against your competition. It's that simple.

Complete the form and request your Reputation Report, right now and quickly see what people are saying about your business and most importantly learn how you can gain control of your reputation and harness the power of Reputation Marketing for your business today.

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